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Sales Video – A Must for better Online Marketing

by James Williams

New Delhi, India – February 6, 2012 – Talk to any online marketing expert and the first point they come up with is that most of the websites are loosing business, market value and money simply because they have not opted for a sales video. A short video on the landing page can do a lot of good to not only their marketing campaign but can also help in building better brand image and result in better conversion rate.

It is never too late to have a short video on the website that describes the company and its working well. The sales videos are designed keeping the demographics and characteristics of target customers in mind.

A Sales video ensures efficient and fast information delivery, reduces the chances of a potential client skipping over to a different webpage, induces emotion, energy and entertainment and results in increased conversions and sales.

A few experts also see sales videos as a perfect replacement of text on the landing pages. Other; however, are quick to point out that text cannot be completely eliminated but a major part can be replaced with videos as they are less SEO friendly. Overall, they certainly provide better return of investment.

The current market trend clearly depicts a shift of people’s interest from text to short videos. Websites have no option but to go along with the trend in order to ensure that they are not missing out on the entire new breed of internet surfers and customers who would never go through a piece of text but would instead be more interested in a sales video. They are watching more ‘How to Videos’ and even online advertisement videos than ever before.

People are sharing the videos which they like among their circle which aids in better marketing as well.

These are also a perfect replacement of sales letters which are not as much affective. They are as good as taking to the person one on one and increases the chances of him going through the details which is simply not possible in case of sales letters. A sales video might not be able to retain a certain few who like to scan first before going through the details but would surely be able to add up a number of other who simply does not have time or the interest in going through the long and boring text of sales letter.


Traditional business cards vs. our online video business card – “the intro60 v.Biz Card”

Business cards are important marketing tools.  Your business card is your point of contact, and a well designed business card will leave a good impression and create trust. Equally important is the way you present yourself during an initial presentation. Your chances of bringing business in the door drastically increase if you look and sound professional and well-prepared.
Our interactive intro60 v.Biz Card combines the advantages of a traditional business card with an embedded video that lets the viewer become familiar with you and your business.  Our v.Biz cards have multiple benefits over traditional business cards.  For example, you can rehearse and present yourself perfectly in your video, creating a long lasting impression every single time someone opens up your card.
Your v.Biz card does the networking for you. It can be viewed 24/7 while you are sleeping.  Your viewers can also access your website or other information immediately and easily by simply clicking on URL hyper links icons located on your v.Biz card.
Using our product, you’ll be a step closer to improving your personal brand. We encourage you to experience the v.Biz card and see it for yourself. Register for a free 60 day free trial with no commitments to purchase.


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