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How to Brand your Brand

By Suzanne Vara

Branding your brand.  A brand is a message based upon a promise and expectations of  the product/service and overall company. The message is developed and distributed via various channels for consumers to receive and react. As consumers encounter, experience the product/service and develop a relationship they begin to influence the brand. Not every relationship will be positive as not believing the message in the initial encounter (think Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet Menu) or not being satisfied when interacting and experiencing leads to negative feelings which affects their overall brand image.  Before creating the brand message, the buyer persona and consider how your target market will perceive and accept your brand, it is critical to brand your brand.  Branding your brand is identifying the visible aspects and the collection of qualities along with physical and social characteristics which is the brand personality. The brand personality generates the emotional association with the consumer that helps to create the brand persona.  The brand persona is the public face of the product/service that you place in the mind of consumers by taking the emotional attachment and seeking consumer engagement and attachment.
A brand persona humanizes the brand to allow for the engagement and attachment by answering:
1. Who you are
2. What you represent
3. What makes you better than anyone else
4. What will brand mean to the target/consumer
5. What the target/consumer experience will feel like
Once the brand persona is created the buyer persona is created around this information and the brand is introduced to the marketplace.  The consumer engagement and attachment are what matches the brand persona to the buyer persona so long as the brand identity (name, logo, marketing & advertising materials) reinforces the buyer persona.  You can have a well received and trusted message but if the identity does not meet the expectations, the brand image is shattered and that targeted prospect has moved on.
Consumers treat a  brand the way that the brand treats them. Creating a brand persona that is based upon your own interaction and experience with the product/service provides an understanding of how your target may interact, perceive and accept your offering. Think of a brand that you are loyal to and how they treat you.  What characteristics do they match with your own personality that makes you like them which leads to trust and purchase? We purchase from who we like and we like them for a reason.  Create that reason with your brand persona and distribute to the channels where your target is.
How have you interacted with your product/service to develop your brand persona?
Looking for some professional advice on how to interact with your product/service to create the brand personality and persona? Let us know and we’ll quote you so you are not left scratching your head as to why your brand-to-target went awry.


What Makes for An Optimized “Social Video?”

…By Grant Crowell

Here as some questions that I believe should always be considered for any social video strategy in business:

  • Does the video reach the intended audiences on frequented social media sites?
  • Does the technical quality allow for a seamless user experience?
  • Does the creative capture the viewer’s attention?
  • Is the length of the video acceptable in keeping the user’s attention?
  • Does it have a story that’s worth telling, and retelling?
  • Is the message or messages in the video communicated clearly and effectively?
  • Does the user feel like their time spent engaging with the video was of value to them?
  • Does the user feel incentivized to follow their video viewing experience with either a “social action.” a business conversion (lead, download, sale, etc.), or both?
  • Does the video make the user want to share it with others? (For more on this, I recommend checking out this post from my video colleague, Greg Jarboe over at SearchEngineWatch, “How Do You Encourage People To Share Your YouTube Videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs?”)
  • Does the video offer any suitable engagement features and sharing tools?
  • Are there any accessible tools or features that allow users to submit their own user-generated content or 3rd party content as a response to the video; and to share those responses with other people?
  • Is their an expectation and measurement of the interpersonal relationship generated from the video or around the video – from fleeting to enduring, with various levels of commitment?

Even busy executives want to do more than just read on the web

Article by emarketer daily newsletter

Executives with no time for fun and games do have time for the sound and motion of video, according to findings from Forbes Insights. In some cases, they may actually prefer it to text for learning about products and services.

A majority of businesspeople surveyed by Forbes in October 2010 said they watched more online video than a year earlier. Nearly 60% of all respondents said they would watch video before reading text on the same webpage, and 22% said they generally liked watching video more than reading text for reviewing business information. Three-quarters of all executives said they watched work-related videos on business websites at least once a week, and more than half did the same on YouTube.

Video can be highly effective for merchants. The executives surveyed reported taking a wide variety of actions after watching online videos, with about two-thirds visiting vendor websites subsequent to viewing and more than half searching for more information. Especially among younger executives, likelihood of making a purchase was high.

Generational differences ran throughout the Forbes research, with a split in behavior at age 50. While the youngest executives were most interested in video across the board, baby boomers in their 40s had comparable participation levels. It was older executives who had not yet gotten on board with video, and business-to-business marketers must continue to reach them through other means.

But video has only become more important for the younger set, and marketers can depend on them to watch, pass along, recommend—and often, enter the purchase funnel.

Choose The Top Secrets Of Video Marketing For Success In Business

…by Toje O Carlin
Marketing is one of the most important as well as essential things that you need to do to make your business successful. There are lots of people who are very much interested in online businesses these days.

There are various kinds of business which can be chosen and you can earn lots of money from this business. It is very important to make sure that you choose the right kinds of tips and strategies so that you can be successful in online business.

There are various sources from which you might get these tips and strategies. It is always very important to choose the right source. Marketing can be of different types and video marketing secrets can help you create credibility in the minds of your targeted customers.

You can create at least 50 percent credibility in the customers mind regarding your products or services.

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It is very important to attract the attention of the customers to your website so that they do not have any chance of going to any other website selling the same product or service.

Other than this, video marketing can also provide you an edge over all your competitors. Check out whether your competitors are also using video to market their products and services. If not then you can surely win over the minds of your customers with the video.

The other benefit of video marketing is that you can communicate better with your targeted customer through the video instead of any written information. You can make proper utilization of audio and video to reach out to your customers.

There are certain video marketing secrets which can help you make the best videos and reach out to a wider range of customers. These secrets are available on the internet.

You just need to choose the most authentic source to learn about these secrets. Some of the website even offers them for free. These secrets are also sold in the market for $47 or even more. It is always better if you get them for free.

Your business client will believe more in the video messages rather than the written ones because they can analyze the various things present in the videos. There are certain messages and signals which the written messages are unable to convey.

The first secret that can help you attract eyeballs is using a video which will introduce your product or service to the customers and clients. The second secret is to use a video that will sell the product or the service.

Finally you can create a video newsletter that can be subscribed by the customers so that a quick relationship can be established with them. The video newsletters are better than written ones.


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