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How can email marketing help your b2b startup succeed?

Megan Feltes, Content Specialist, Emma Inc.
E-mail remains a powerful tool for b2b marketers. Best estimates indicate that e-mail marketing will enjoy $1.5 billion in sales in 2011. Clearly, email marketing remains a crucial tool for b2b marketers.
But how are b-to-b marketers using e-mail? As prospects are increasingly bombarded by e-mails, have marketers changed their tactics in order to break through? This report takes a look at these questions along with the key performance metrics, budgets, and industry trends. LEARN MORE
Timely, direct and effective communication is essential to the success of any startup. Email marketing fits the bill unlike any other marketing tool. The email channel has evolved beyond the typical e-newsletter. Now campaigns with videos, surveys and other rich media content give burgeoning companies the edge they need. It is also relatively inexpensive—something that is always important to a new company.
If you’re launching a new venture or just looking to make the most of the email channel, use these five tips to make the most of your email marketing efforts.

1. Devote time to your email marketing. Email allows you to create messages quickly, distribute them for pennies and see a possible return of $43 for every $1 dollar spent (that’s the industry average, according to the DMA.) I say possible because effective email marketing takes forethought. Be prepared to invest some time in planning and executing campaigns. Sit down and draw up a calendar to plot your first few months—and keep an eye on the stats. You can always adjust as needed. Then, plan for a more thorough review of your program after six months or so. Dig into the response numbers to see what’s working, what needs to be adjusted and what should be kicked to the curb.
2. Build an engaged audience. Since no business wants to be stuck with a big announcement and no one to tell, you’ll need to build a permission-based email list. You might think it would be easier to buy a list, but this can lead to complaints, poor delivery and even blacklisting—something a startup definitely wants to avoid. Create a strong signup form and link it to all your customer touch points (website, transactional emails, social media, sales counter, email signature, etc.). Tie your form to an automatic welcome email, and thank new subscribers right away. Studies have shown that these can net four times the average open rate and five times the normal click-through rate. Plus, you’ll immediately cement a new relationship.

3. Showcase your brand. Don’t skimp on design. Maintain consistency with your branding components, including logo, brand colors and font. You want recipients to recognize your brand at a glance. Keep things simple. Inboxes are crowded so your email needs to make an impact right away. Lead with an enticing subject line, followed by eye-catching brand graphics and well-edited copy.
4. Tell your story. As a startup, you likely have a lot to say, but have you put much thought into how to say it? Before you launch an email program, think about what information you want to get out there. More important, figure out what information your audience actually wants to receive. Take time to figure out the tone, voice and style that you want to use in your communications. Strategize ways to intentionally tell your brand’s story to the right people at the right time and place. Don’t abuse the inbox. Relevant, timely emails will perform much better than a hodgepodge of content sent haphazardly.

5. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Startups are notoriously strapped for time. Once you’ve developed your main story lines, figure out what content you’ve already got and reuse it. Email is a great way to share video, recycle blog posts and highlight product descriptions—all things that might have been created for other platforms. Conversely, consider posting email content to your social media sites to get more mileage. Plus, your casual social followers can read, click and become engaged email subscribers as well.

Top tips for email marketing

…Posted by Lucy Clarke in Tips on Friday 7th January 2011

Email marketing is one of those digital marketing techniques that many of us struggle to get right. You don’t want to spam people’s inboxes but at the same time you’re keen to get yourself out there and make contact with potential and existing clients.

As you’ll be keen to have your emails opened and read, you’ll want to avoid making any mistakes that will have the recipient immediately clicking ‘delete’. If you follow these basic top tips for good email marketing practice, you will be sure to reach more of your reader’s inboxes and ultimately achieve more enquires and sales.
Avoid spamming your readers

To make sure your emails don’t get flagged as spam – avoid using words such as ‘SAVE’, ‘DISCOUNT’, ‘£££££’, ‘!!!’ in the subject line and the content of your email.
Make your click-throughs clear and obvious

Make sure your links and call to actions are bold and obvious and always have a text link as well as a graphical button just in case your subscriber has their images disabled by default.

For some inspiration on HTML email design, visit Spam Meltdown is a great source of inspiration when you get a creative block or want to see what your competitors are sending to their readers!
Keep it personal

By simply starting your email with “Hi [subscriber_name]” instead of the general “Hi there”, you can increase both your reading and click-thru rates.* This does mean that you have to have a full and clean subscriber list.

On this note, make sure that it is appropriate to address your readers by their first name – “Hi Bob”, or by their full name if a more corporate brand – “Hello Mr Smith”. Whatever works for you and your brand.
Choose your send day wisely

Online research analysts have said that the best days to send email to your subscribers are Tuesday and Wednesday, as this is when people are more receptive to communication. Read an interesting article on HTML email send days.
Strengthen your brand with consistency

Make sure you keep the look and feel consistent from issue to issue. This will help to maintain and strengthen your brand.
Be on time

After time, your subscribers will come to expect your email to arrive in their inbox on the same day and time, meaning that they are generally more receptive to any special offers or promotions you may include.
Grab attention quickly with your subject line

You have about half a second to catch your subscriber’s attention with the subject line of your email. Try to specify a benefit that the subscriber can expect by reading your email. Read this interesting study on HTML email subject lines.
The Preview Pane

Email clients such as MS Outlook show a preview of an email when it’s selected in your inbox. Try to include some interesting content at the very top of your email to grab your reader’s attention.

Something else to consider is the fact that a lot of your readers will have their images turned off by default. Make sure you use descriptive alt tags on your important images, and that you have a healthy balance of text and images to get your message across in all situations. Read more about reaching your readers inboxes here.
Find out what works for you, then test, test and test again

The key to email marketing is to TEST, TEST, and TEST again! Get to know what works for you, test positions of links, test graphical links versus text links, test subject lines. Even if you read these tips and think, no, I don’t think that will work for me and my readers, get to know what does by testing.

With most comprehensive email marketing software packages, you can split your campaigns. For example, send a test batch with different subject lines, and send the rest to the most popular one once the test has finished. Read more on email testing here.
Further reading

* Resources and charts via Mail Chimp
* Email client statistics via Campaign Monitor

Email Marketing Techniques and Tips

…by Jeffrey Foster

Internet marketing is used by almost of the categories and due to this; it has many advanced ways to populate particular product or brand name. earlier email was used only for communication; but, now a days it have been used as one of the marketing medium to generate more traffic to particular website or selling products. Here we can see some most important points about email marketing, which can help for beginners those in this field.

Quality of content: Deliver interesting information or content about your product unlike providing tasteless information. This will lead readers to expect more from you. Also give many positive and some negative things about your product. This will make you genuine one and shows you are not a blind marketing one.

Showcase your content: If you have a page you want your readers to break, give them just enough information to make them intrigued, but don’t give it all away. Have the remainder of the account you provided be available through your website.

Email list: Many sources are available to provide list of email recipients at low cost. Apart from this, you shouldn’t lose any opportunity to add any person in your daily mailing list. It doesn’t matter, whether you got that email address in public forums or visiting cards or blog comments or classified ads site. This type of collection delivers your mail to variety of categories. For example if you got list of email address from a games website, you can get email lists of persons, those are interested in games only. Not in entertainment or business or health. So, try to collect variety email recipients.

Add decorations: Attraction is very important one for any kind of product; of course for email too. Try to add creative images to your content. Which will gains reader’s attraction without reading the content. Put all your organized content and images in well designed templates. Make your templates very attractive ones.

Make sure about subscription: Use double-opt in technique to make sure about your subscribers.

By this way you can enable your subscribers to re-verify their subscription about your product newsletters. This will make sure that, your mail recipients are really interested about to receive your email marketing and you also won’t irritate any others by sending unnecessary emails. Also you should be more consistent about your email schedules. If u send many mails per day, it will irritate others even they are interested. So, try to keep periodical schedules to send mail letters.
If you are a beginner to email marketing, then try to keep all above said points at least. There are too many things which, needs to be considered for email marketing. But, these are very important one for beginners.

The Art of the Email Pitch

1. The subject line matters. – 2. Introduce yourself. 4. Pictures say a thousand words. – 3. Know your audience. – 5. Make it easy to reach you.6. Make it happen. (read more at . . .


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