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4 Steps for Using Content to Build Your Personal Brand


Personal branding was definitely a big trend in 2011, and I believe it will continue to be a focus for B2B and B2C companies alike — largely due to the perceived ease of creating a personal brand online. In addition to the career benefits it can bring, many companies appreciate their employees’ branding activitiesbecause they recognize the value elevated personal brands can bring to their organization as a whole.
If developing your online persona is something you have yet to master, read on for four helpful steps to get you started.

Step 1: Develop a persona and create profiles across the web 
A great tip for getting started is to find and own one primary trait that makes you unique. For example, for CMI’s Joe Pulizzi, it is the color orange. Orange is part of nearly everything Joe does, from his websites to his social media presence to his wardrobe. It is part of his signature brand. So if you can, think about something you can use to trademark yourself and incorporate that into each and every one of your online profiles.
Speaking of profiles, if you haven’t already developed yours on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and, get started today. You may even consider setting up your own website or personal blog, as Ann Handley and Joe Chernov have done.

Step 2: Engage with influencers about your topic
As I have written about in the past, there are several types of influencers for every industry. When building your personal brand, the key point is that you should have a set of 10 to 20 influencers that you are targeting in order to extend the reach of your content and personal brand.
You can identify your influencers by doing some online research, or by asking your prospects and customers who they rely on for advice and information.
Once you have a list of influencers you are targeting, you can keep track of them using a spreadsheet, a customized CRM system, or even using lists on Twitter (thanks to Joe Chernov for this tip!). Then, start engaging with your influencers by commenting on their content and sharing it through your social media profiles.

Step 3: Create compelling content around a certain topic
For content marketers, this tip should be a no-brainer: Remember to focus on your target audience’s interests, issues, and needs in order to create interesting, engaging content that will be useful to them.
When starting out, it makes sense to focus on a narrow set of topics and develop yourself as the thought leader in that space. For example, Joe Pulizzi has had success doing so about content marketing, and Mike Stelzner has done this with social media.
When you have your topics nailed down, you are ready to start writing. An easy type of content to start with is blogging, but don’t rule out video, podcasts, eBooks, or articles — anything that will give you a forum for your insight and help you establish yourself as an expert that people can turn to for advice and information about your chosen topics.

Step 4: Share your content to increase the influence of your brand
Once you have created a body of content, be sure to share it in where those in need can find it. Naturally, this includes making sure to post it on your personal and company blogs (and Brody Dorland’s 12 easy but thorough steps to increase the reach of your blog posts can give you some ideas for getting started). But you should also be identifying opportunities to spread your influence outside of your immediate circle.
Options for this can include guest blogging on an influencer’s site, contributing guest articles to a popular publication (online or print) within your space, submitting yourself for speaking engagements, and attending meetings and events within your areas of interest/expertise. If you do attend events, don’t miss the opportunity to create additional content while you are on-site, as well. Filming videos, posting session recaps, and offering to interview other participants are great ways tomaximize your exposure at busy, crowded conferences and conventions, which can go a long way toward getting your brand persona into the industry limelight.

Effective Personal Branding Requires a Gravatar!

…by Vicki in Social Media Marketing

If you are serious about your personal brand, then you are probably aware that effective personal branding requires that you have a Gravatar, a Globally Recognized Avatar. This is your dedicated avatar that appears wherever you go, blogs, forums and social networks, along side your content.

I am frequently amazed and how many people I see online who still do not have their Gravatar set up!

If you do not have a Gravatar, then you will often be a faceless name in the comment section of others’ blogs, and forums, wherever you have left a comment, ending up with the  symbol here that looks like a blue ‘G’ on its back.

Let’s face it. The point of social media marketing, or any marketing for that matter, is to build know, like, and trust.

Well if you are doing your marketing online, it really helps people to get know you if you get your smiling face out there!

So if you want all of those blue G’s that you’ve left scattered about to be replaced by your pretty mug in one simple move, then all you need do is jump over to and start branding yourself properly, let the world see you.

Watch the little introductory video there on the page, it shows you how to set up your Gravatar really simply.

And bloggers, be sure that you create your account using the same email that you have on your wordpress blog. This is essential if you want your picture beside all of your follow up comments there. You can also set up a Gravatar for any other email accounts that you use online.

One thing I will mention is that if you do have a blog, make sure that you have enabled the Gravatar in your wordpress Settings / Discussions by selecting ‘Show Avatar’ and under that to use the ‘Gravatar Logo’. This way, others who come and comment on your blog will have their Gravatar displayed!

Now you may want to use a graphic logo for your Gravater, but I will tell you this, if you are focused on social media marketing you are much better off with an actual photo of yourself.

And use the same photo as you have in all of your social networks. People will recognize you far more easily, allowing them to know you sooner.

Personal Branding begins with being recognizable, so get out there and be recognized by your Gravatar wherever you go!

Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.”
Jason Hartman

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