Significant points of drafting email marketing letters


Marketing is the foundation of any business’s existence. With the advancement of technology, business has taken a new form and medium of expression. In this digital age, e-mail is one of the most significant aspects of e-commerce activities. In spite of proclamation and prediction of its extinction, email marketing continues to play the most important role of progressing business ideas and provide whole value to it.
Therefore, while drafting an email, some important points should be kept in mind in order to make it standard and effective.
1. Give a clear introduction so that recipients can scan the purpose of communication and feel that the message is worth spending their precious time. Otherwise, they will tend to pay less attention and escape at the soonest.
2. Make your email very informative, relevant, and definitive.
3. Careful customization is required. Don’t over personalize your emails to make an authentic relationship with customers; otherwise it will draw result in reverse way.
4. Ensure that the email is beneficial for recipients.
5. Use every single word cautiously, the purpose would not be to sell rather spread awareness about the company and get a click to optimize your business.
6. Try to offer something that fulfils the specific need of your customer. It generally draws more attention and generates considerable revenue.
7. The length is another important part. Keep it precise and shorter. Shorter is the better, as it will be beneficial for recipients and you also.
8. Every line in email should be given an equal important. The content should be written in simple and concise language. Do not use any jargons or unnecessary words or leave any bit of teasing point in it. Otherwise, readers will consider the rest to be the e-garbage.
9. Every customer invests his or her valuable time on reading email. If they feel the subject to be interesting and helpful and initial time to be appealing, they will definitely read it out and get motivated to click on the links.
10. Above all, do not make a promise that you can’t afford to offer; instead, focus on the different features of your product or service and the benefits that they bring along.


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