3 Video Marketing Mistakes To Stay Away From

…by jamieohler and others
Video marketing has become one of the most widely used tactics used to promote online businesses. The problem is, a large number of these videos that are uploaded to promote various products are lacking quality or substance. Such videos don’t have much of an effect, as they’re either ignored or quickly forgotten. Video marketing can be very effective, but only if you follow certain crucial principles. The focus of this article will be three video marketing mistakes that must be avoided if you want to get anywhere. Whehter you’re using video marketing to target Mobile Mastermind niche or any other niche, the following mistakes are the ones that you need to avoid.

1) For various reasons, many internet marketers still don’t make use of videos in their promotional efforts, and this is a fundamental mistake. Video has become essential to reach a wide audience as sites like YouTube have increased the public’s appetite for videos. Lots of people still don’t understand the basics of video marketing, so they don’t realize how much it could do for them. The fact is, when used the right way, video marketing can give you a high level of exposure and bring in free targeted traffic. Therefore, not creating videos when they’re so popular amounts to leaving money on the table.

2) Promoting your old videos rather than making new ones is a basic video marketing mistake you should avoid. You don’t want to spend all your time sending out old videos to keep them alive. You can get some benefit from your old videos, but if you want to gain a competitive advantage with your viewers and prospects, it’s even more important to add new ones frequently.

Information nowadays becomes dated very quickly, which is why it’s important to create new videos as often as possible. So for instance, if your targeted niche is Local Mobile Monopoly, then you should make videos about it with quality content.

3) If you fail to edit your videos, you’re making a mistake that can cost you viewers. Your videos don’t have to be Hollywood quality, but people don’t want to see amateurish videos that still need basic editing. If you were cooking a meal for people, they’d expect it to be heated up completely, and people watching videos online have similar expectations. In short, only upload videos that are finished and ready to be viewed. It’s better to wait, or not upload anything than to be known as someone who makes substandard videos. The quality of your video partly depends on how well you’ve edited it and what kind of steps you took to give your viewers good content that they will like. The above video marketing mistakes are what may be holding you back with your online promotional efforts. If you remember these points, you can get many benefits from video marketing. If you want your video marketing to give results then keep learning and avoiding such blunders. The path to success always includes some mistakes along the way, just learn how to get past them. Whether you’re doing video marketing or any other type of marketing related to Magic Bullet System Relaunch, focus is the most important thing.


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