Employers: It’s Time To Embrace Personal Branding In the Workplace!

…by Adrian Chira, Robert Earl Reed.

Personal branding is a process that incorporates self-awareness and personal development skills with successful marketing strategies. While most often used by job hunters, career changers and solopreneurs, it also belongs in the workplace!

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 23, 2010 – Personal branding is a process that incorporates self-awareness and personal development skills with successful marketing strategies allowing individuals to develop and communicate their own personal brand effectively. While personal branding is most often used by job hunters, career changers and solopreneurs, it’s a process that also belongs in the workplace!

Savvy employees have already come to the realization that long-term job security is a thing of the past. Proactive employees, especially those in the younger crowd, are developing and maintaining a personal brand that will grow with them over the course of their careers. A successful personal brand is more than insurance to insulate you from an unforeseen job loss, it allows you to chart a career course that fits your goals and values and to make “course corrections” when they are required. While most people are still developing their personal brand on their own initiative, there are significant benefits for employers who bring the personal branding process into their workplaces.

At first, employers may be hesitant to embrace personal branding. One of the concerns employers have with personal branding stems from a fear that it will encourage a rush to the exit as employees who know their value find a better job elsewhere. Or even worse, that personal branding will create a group of egotistical employees who focus more on their own advancement than on company goals.

The personal branding process, however, is rooted in personal success principles that empower people to become more interdependent. Empowered people become stronger team players, and rather than having the negative effects just mentioned, the workplace climate is usually improved. If there are existing difficulties with the workplace, working through the personal branding process with employees will help address the issues. The real “risk” to an employer is that workplace issues will often come to the surface and will need to be addressed.

The benefits to employers can be seen as the “flip” side to the risks that employers may initially worry about. True teamwork results when people know themselves and their strengths well enough to put their ego aside and work for the good of the group. Personal branding can look like a very egotistical endeavour on the surface, but a solid personal brand accurately conveys the strengths of each individual.  During the personal branding process, people learn to build on their strengths, and to address areas for growth. Often, growth areas are identified as a result of assessing personal success in the workplace. It isn’t uncommon for people to identify learning opportunities that benefit both themselves and the employer, . Areas that individuals identify for personal learning are often shared among many employees, and provide an excellent starting point for employers who are looking for professional development opportunities that will deliver value to their business.

Common areas of focus that arise from the personal branding process include the following:
* Personal success principles and habits.
* Communication skills such as listening, dealing with different types of people, and public speaking.
* Effective goal-setting techniques including project planning and assessement skills.
These are all skill areas that benefit both the employer and employee. Indeed, employers and employees should be working towards common goals. Perhaps the greatest benefit in the workplace of having employees who are proactive in developing and maintaining their personal brands is the focus on maximizing that “sweet spot” where personal skills and goals overlap with those of the employer. This is the area where people find that they have a great deal of satisfaction with their work, and where their job performance and productivity is best.

Personal branding is a process that is most commonly used to empower job hunters, career changers and solopreneurs to find or create work that is best-suited to their personality type, skills, interests and work values. This process has positive outcomes too for employers who want to improve not only employee performance and productivity, but also job satisfaction and morale.


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