Stand Out with Personalized Company Branding

…by Christian Del Monte
Just what is branding? A brand is the experience you give a customer. It means sales. It means success. And it means a buyer repeating the experience over again – turning into repeat sales and spreading your marketing message for free. We are getting ahead of ourselves, though, because branding is about personalizing, being human, sometimes going beyond the company marketing effort.
1.    Personal Brands Are Prime. By creating a company brand, you have the opportunity to also create a dynamic, useful, and powerful personal brand. A personal brand is for much more than just promoting your company: it’s also about promoting you and creating a name for yourself. This can be very valuable for your future success. Quite often web businesses are more than just brand names. Just as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates used personal intelligence to create successful brands, so too did they increase respect for themselves. This in turn created more brand possibilities for their companies.
2.    Company Brands Need Personalization. Company brands need personalization for a variety of reasons. Ever see a commercial that had no people or characters in it? On the other side, have you seen a commercial where the company CEO speaks directly to you? You need people because buyers like to relate. You need to speak to a buyer as a person because that makes you seem like more than just a company out for money. Personable company brands can increase trust. Just as car manufacturers quite often need to show real people benefiting from their cars, so too do they show how they bring opportunities and jobs to the market.
3.    Increase Sales for Your Company Brand
. By personalizing your company brand, sales are bound to go up. You might notice more searches for you or other associates online. Your name will be valuable. Your name can turn into a sales device, just like any sports icon can help a brand seem better. Just as McDonald’s and Burger King have personalized their brands with funny commercials and helpful staff, so should you focus on showing that you’re not some big corporation run by the rich and famous. By doing so, you can increase trust and awareness about your brand.
4.    Increase Respect. By personalizing your company brand, you can show your talent and how you can help people with your talent. Business is the art of showing benefits and fulfilling needs. You could, for example, show direct proof of how your employees are helping your clients. This is like being rated highly on Consumer Reports.
5.    Viral Marketing. With personalization, you are given the opportunity for viral marketing. Viral marketing isn’t a disease, but it sure acts like a good one. With word of mouth buzz created by personalizing your brand–no matter how you do it; with jokes or with promises–you can improve results. Online, viral marketing and personal brands go hand in hand.
It’s pretty easy to see personalizing your company brand has many benefits, but these are a good start.
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