Marketing for Business Consultants – How to Develop Your Own Personal Brand

… by Vanessa

The next phase to attract new clients for your business isn’t necessarily in the way of snazzy marketing techniques; it’s bigger than that. So what is it and what do business consultants and professionals need to know to stay ahead of the massive changes that are about to occur in the realm of marketing their services?

It’s personal branding!

What is personal branding?

It is your own personal signature that is unique to you and to you only. It leaves an impression on those that you come into contact with. It could be positive, negative or indifferent. But whatever it is, it must be memorable in such a cluttered market space that you as the individual stand out and stand out for all of the right reasons.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there and if you want to stand out and attract new clients you’re going to need to lift your game and develop your own individual brand. You are literally your own billboard after all aren’t you?

We’re running out of ways in which we can differentiate ourselves from one another. I guarantee that what is unique about you is also the same selling point hundreds of other consultants are currently pushing. Simply conduct a Google search on your competitors and you’ll see what I mean.

This then ultimately leaves us to focus on our own individual personal brands to in-still positive impressions that assist in converting more prospects. We literally need to see ourselves as a complete package and ask ourselves if that package is marketable and will it be attractive to prospective clients?

To develop this package and your own brand, the following needs to be carefully considered;

Creating the Package of You – The first person you need to sell yourself too is you and if you don’t like what you see then why will others? Clearly define who you are as a person in your field, what’s unique about you, personality traits, your image, the way that you manage clients. Identify these clearly; are they marketable or do you need to groom yourself to become so?

Visibility – Developing your own individual brand is phenomenal, however if you’re not being seen you’re not going to be attracting new clients. Networking is one of the most cost effective ways to brand yourself effectively to generate referrals. Attend the same networking events consistently so everybody recognizes you. Be the first to introduce yourself, start conversations and be the person that everyone loves. If this isn’t you, work on it. It is a skill that can be learned. Other areas to make yourself visible are YouTube, Facebook, blogging and local papers.

Consistency – Whatever exposure you can get is fantastic. Consistency is king. If they don’t see you they forget you! Get out there in your market place; write articles and have your picture plastered everywhere. If you receive media exposure, plaster it all over your website and send the link to the article to your clients. Leverage the hell out of it.

Relevant/In front – The ideal personal brand is someone like Seth Godin or Richard Branson. They always remain relevant and in front of their competitors in the market space in which they play. Think leader of the pack in your industry and you have a brand that is saleable.

Culture – Know the culture of your industry and be willing to push new boundaries, ask questions everyone else is too afraid to ask. It is important that you stand for something as a person and as a personal brand. By doing so you may potentially polarize those around you into two categories, those that are raving fans and those that can’t stand you. This is the perfect situation to be in; after all is there any one person on this earth that everyone loves? I very much doubt it, even Oprah has her critics. Critics are a healthy part of ongoing development; if no one is criticizing your work then no one really cares enough about what you do?

Image – What you wear will ultimately determine how people treat you and how you treat yourself. Don’t attend business events dressed like everyone else in the room. Men, wear a stand out tie, women wear unique pieces of jewellery that people are going to gush over. The minor details make the major differences in memorability.

Reinvention – Part of building your personal brand is reinventing yourself on a regular basis to ensure you stay current and relevant to your ever-changing ever-growing consumer base.


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