Boost Your Internet Marketing Efforts Through Personal Branding


Whether your Internet marketing efforts are geared to promote new ideas or new products, possibly the single most important task ahead is to brand yourself, or sell yourself to others. Personal branding means allowing people to get to know “you” as a businessperson…and even as a common, everyday person – just like them.

Personal branding allows others to see who you are and how you can possibly help them solve a particular problem or reach certain goals. It helps people relate to you and place themselves in your shoes. Self-branding can also add value to your products and ideas. It puts a personal name and face with your promotions so customers can personalize their own experience.

An example of personal branding is when someone seeks a way to make money online with a home business. They look for others who have already earned an income while building an online business. It’s a type of business mentorship that’s often used in network marketing. One person has accomplished a goal already, and is now helping others to achieve the same goal. And while there are products and business models involved, it’s the personal branding effort of the mentor that ultimately sells the product.

Develop a “Personal Branding” Frame of Mind

Developing a “personal branding” mindset comes easy for some, but may be difficult to achieve for others. Some are hindered because they see personal branding as bragging or being overly confident. But it’s really no different than creating a resume for a new job. You wouldn’t create a resume that belittles your talents and skills…or ignores past experiences. You would harp on your good qualities to increase your chances of being hired. Personal branding is simply building an image of self worth based on true facts about your experiences and successes.

If you really can help others make money because you’ve been successful at making money, then why not share your good qualities to help others? Don’t allow pride to hold you back from being the giving, thoughtful person you’d like to be. If you truly feel that you can help others at making money online or reaching some other goal, then market yourself as the one who can help. It’s not bragging when you’re simply telling the truth to help others.

Building an Online Business through Personal Branding

Personal branding is the key to many successful online businesses. And with the low, low cost of a website, it’s now easier than ever to market yourself and your ideas. On a website, you can easily include personal testimonies from yourself and others along with quality photos to help readers identify with you. Talk with readers one on one in your writing as if you were face to face. Personalize, but remain professional in your sales presentations.

Build an online portfolio that includes your past experiences (successes and failures), proof of earnings, and the step-by-step methods used to build your online business. Tell your readers when and how you made money and how you can help them do the same.

Even if you’re new to Internet marketing and haven’t made much money yet, you can still use the art of personal branding to build a solid customer base. You might even consider signing on with other Internet marketing mentors and using their experiences and successes to build your business at the start. Then you can document your achievements as you start making money online, and eventually become a mentor yourself.

If you want to work at home with your own Internet business, it’s a good idea to find a mentor to help you get started. Someone that’s already been down the road to success can help you avoid many pitfalls of Internet marketing. And thankfully, there are many successful business owners who are willing to help newcomers. Start today with personal branding to realize your dreams for the future.


1 Response to “Boost Your Internet Marketing Efforts Through Personal Branding”

  1. 1 Kenneth June 11, 2010 at 6:33 am

    Branding is similar with our face. You can not ignore it, like it or not. A good branding or imaging will also generate sales more.

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