Video Marketing – You, Your Webcam, and Personal Branding

…by AztecNetwork

Video Marketing can be an excellent marketing strategy, and significantly enhance your Attraction Marketing reach as well as your Personal Branding status. It’s obvious why – because your viewers, who are your potential customers/prospects, get to see the real You in action. For them, it’s just like you’re sitting in front of them, chatting directly to them.

Of course, depending on the video you make, this can be either very good or very bad for you as a marketer. While I’m sure we all have a sense of professionalism and common sense as marketers, it’s worth thinking about the do’s and don’ts associated with making videos to ensure you build positive relationships and continue to attract customers/prospects:

  • Be yourself, be relaxed. If you’re nervous when you first film yourself, try again, and re-film your video as many times as necessary until you appear relaxed, calm, happy and friendly to anyone viewing your video. Ask your family or friends to watch your video and give you honest feedback before you launch it onto the Internet.
  • Be real, don’t fix all your mistakes. While it’s important to appear professional and slick, a few minor mistakes left in your video will probably count for you rather than against you, as they may make you appear as a real flesh and blood person to your viewers, who will be able to relate to you more easily.
  • Talk, don’t read a script. While occasionally looking down or off-camera to check your notes is okay, it can be very disconcerting and off-putting to your viewers if you’re laboriously reading a script word-for-word, which means you don’t make eye-contact with them often enough. So re-make your video over and over until you know what to say, in a natural way, without really needing to look at your script.
  • Keep it short and simple. A short video of 1-3 minutes only will probably get many more views than anything longer. Have a structure – introduce yourself, tell them why this video and briefly what it’ll cover, then move logically from each issue to the next, and finally finish it off with a call-to-action or obvious conclusion.
  • Not everyone will always want to see you talking in every video you make – use other video options to give your range of marketing videos freshness, uniqueness and variety.

For a slightly different take on Video Marketing, Personal Branding, and how to make and use different types of videos for variation and difference, see:

And to get more information about the Tools and (usually free) Software you can use to create, edit and distribute your different types of videos for effective Video Marketing, go here:

Happy video marketing! :)


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