Why is your Online Personal Brand so Important?

How can you enhance your personal brand using the tools available on the internet? It is essential to have a personal brand and a good online reputation. This article, by Dean Richard – SEO & Social Media Specialist for Roadside Multimedia,  specializes in Dental Website Design and marketing, examines how.

We live in a connected world. People are online via laptops, iPads, smartphones and PCs. The majority of jobs are found via networking, and more people than ever before are looking to the internet to find out about prospective employees, clients or services. Because of this, it is essential that your personal brand reflects well on you, as well as on anyone you represent. How can you enhance your personal brand and get the most out of it?

Be visible: The worst mistake you can make with your online identity is to not have one! So be involved. If you are a business, find forums and blogs related to what you do. Comment on them without pushing yourself. Clients will see you know what you’re talking about, and your reputation will increase. f you are looking for a job, be visible in the industry you’re looking in so that potential employers see that you are knowledgeable. No matter what the case, use social media to connect with your peers and people you want to appeal to.

Be real: No, it’s not mid-90’s jargon. There are a lot of artificial or worthless people and brands on the internet- don’t be one of them! Have something real to say, and it will be taken seriously. As you gain a reputation for being genuine and informative, people will trust you as a resource and refer you to others. And if someone has an opinion or some information you find helpful, pass it along. They will thank you, and you will engender trust with people who pay attention to you as they see you don’t consider yourself above everyone else.

Be patient: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your reputation won’t be either. If you’re on Twitter and don’t get 1,000 followers overnight (or 100, or 10), don’t worry. Follow people you respect and are using it successfully and see how they make it work. The same goes if you start a website, or a blog, or any other social media site- be patient! Keep working- and don’t be afraid to change tactics if one isn’t working- and the results will come!

Be proactive: Even though we are constantly hearing about things ‘going viral’ and being bombarded with emails of cute kittens and funny videos on YouTube, the truth is very few things ‘go viral’, or get a lot of attention on the web, without a lot of hard work. So sit down, map out a plan, and work- hard- and making it reality. Get people involved. Build on the contacts you already have. Ask people to forward, submit, retweet and recommend you and your work. If you just throw something on the internet, it will get lost- you have to work hard to keep it afloat and visible. So work hard to cultivate your reputation by being proactive.

Be selective: We have all heard the funny stories about embarrassing Facebook status updates, tweets and messages. They are only funny when they don’t happen to you, and certainly not when employers or clients see them. Don’t friend potentially embarrassing friends on Facebook, don’t direct them to your blog, and don’t tell them you have Twitter. Be honest, but be gentle- tell them you’re using it for professional reasons, and you want to limit it to that. If they can’t respect that, well, all those things have a ‘block’ feature for a reason. It’s not worth risking your entire reputation if someone is just going to ruin it.

So if you have not cultivated your personal brand, start working on it today. If you have already started, work harder. With advances in technology and communication nearly every day, your personal brand is essential to your success!


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