Personal Branding Tool Kit

by Kevin Donnellon

Personal branding is in, and much of this is driven by the tough job market, the glut of exceptional talent and the growing social technologies that can power your personal brand.

I completely endorse personal branding as a consultant, former agency owner and corporate PR VP who believes that “if you don’t stand out, please stand down.”

Sounds like something out of Woody Hayes, John Wooden, Urban Meyer or Coach K, doesn’t it? I made it up, I confess.

Seriously, personal branding is becoming more important when you consider:

1. In this current turbulent and transformational economy, six people apply for every job, Atlantic.

2. American workers aged 16-24 have an unemployment rate of 18.8%, nearly double the 9.7%, Wall Street Journal.

Anecdotally, my niece was one of three finalists out of 200 applicants for an AAE position at a major PR agency last Fall.  She wasn’t hired, but then happily was later hired by a sister firm.

You have to stand out, and your personal branding will be an asset and your competitive edge.

Simply put, your investment in personal branding can help you get a job, keep a job and even get promoted.  Personal branding is relevant and valuable for beginning, emerging, established professionals and especially for those transitioning in their careers or moving to another city.

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